Ian died in September 2006, aged almost 85.

He enlisted on 4 October 1940 for the duration of the war into the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps.

He was one of the many refugees who left Europe just prior to the Second World War. He was of Austrian descent.

He did initial training at Ilfracombe and then served at various establishments in England.

In July 1943 he transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps and after training with the 55th Training Regiment at Farnborough was posted to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars on 20 January 1944.

He was trained as a driver and was posted to ‘C’ Squadron. He embarked for North-West Europe on 12 January 1944. He was injured on 7 August 1944 and evacuated to the UK.

He remained in the UK with various units until returning to Germany on posting to 2 Army Reinforcement Unit on 27 January 1945.

He was immediately posted back to the 8th Hussars who were then at Linne, where he joined Capt Tim Pierson’s, Recce Troop. In October 1945 he was posted to the Interpreters’ Pool HQ BAOR.

He was appointed lance corporal on 24 November 1945, promoted to corporal on 22 February 1946 and to sergeant on 3 May 1946.

He left BAOR for the UK on 27 January 1946 and was discharged on 6 May 1947.

He was an excellent, efficient and trustworthy soldier. His knowledge of the German language was invaluable in his duties in the latter stage of his service as an interpreter.

On return to civilian life, he established his own firm of translation services.

He rejoined the Regimental Association in June 1990, having been found by Les Taplin who saw a letter of appreciation Ian had written to The Times on Brig Goulburn’s death.

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