To all those 7th Hussars who knew him, the sudden death on the 7th August 1974 of Jack Connelly will have come as a sad shock.

Jack joined the 7th Hussars in the early ’30s and served with ‘B’ Squadron as a Farrier.

In 1935 he went to Egypt with the Regiment and became a Farrier Sergeant. At the time of mechanisation, faced with the problem of his love of horses and his love of the Regiment, he chose to stay with the Regiment and after a course in the U.K. became the Regimental Cook Sergeant.

He served with the 7th Hussars during World War II and on the formation of the A.C.C. was transferred.

After the war Jack served on the teaching staff of the A.C.C. as a WO1 and, on retiring from the Army, became a dietitian with the London Hospital Group, having passed The City and Guilds examination.

During his second career, he published a dietary cookery book.

He was a good sportsman in his youth, representing the 7th Hussars in boxing. He was always a staunch and loyal supporter of the Regiment and O.C A., whose cheerful and likeable personality was known to all.

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