Jimmy died on 3 June 1994.

He joined the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in December 1937, while they were stationed at Aldershot.

He sailed with them to Egypt on the Orcades from Liverpool on 18 November 1940. He was captured in Greece, with many other 4th Hussars, at the end of April 1941. He was released in June 1945 and rejoined the 4th Hussars in Paternion, Austria, in August 1947.

He sailed with them to Malaya in the Dilwara, and in addition to service in Malaya, he served in Hong Kong and Singapore.

He remained with the Regiment in Tidworth and Hohne until being posted to the 1st Division in June 1961.

He also served with the Apprentices College at Towyn. He was discharged in December 1962. He served as provost sergeant for many years and was an excellent drill instructor.

Jimmy was a staunch, loyal and true 4th Hussar, who continued to support the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars and the Regimental Association until shortly before his death. He showed particular affection for Durham and York Troops.

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