Although his lawful first name was Peter he was known throughout the Regiment as Harry. He died on 27 April 2005 aged 82.

Harry entered the Army on 15 August 1941 as a war-time conscript and in the early part of his service, he served with the infantry – the QO Royal West Kents. He disliked marching long distances and within three months he was transferred to the RAC as a consequence of entering into a Regular engagement.

After appropriate training he was posted to the 4th Hussars in 1943; the regiment at that time was part of the 8th Army stationed in the Middle East. He became a gunner/operator and continued to serve with the regiment until the end of the Second World War.

There followed a posting to 8 RTR for approximately 18 months when Harry was reposted to the 4th Hussars. He continued to serve with the regiment until late 1956 which was then at Hohne BAOR.

Harry decided to take his release after the completion of 16 years of service. At this time Harry was troop sergeant of Transport Troop HQ Squadron. He was processed via RAC Deport to civil life.

However, while on terminal leave the Suez Crisis came to pass. The Army reserves were mobilised; demob was halted; with only three days of terminal leave left Harry was recalled to the Colours and shortly afterwards he presented himself to the 4th Hussars at Hohne!

Within three months Harry was ‘demobbed’ again this time permanently.

He lived in the suburbs of London and was a fairly frequent attendee at Association events. His character created an impression that he was given to eccentricity. His wit was very dry. A lifelong bachelor.

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