Bob Goodyear joined the Regular Army into the Royal Corps of Signals in 1937 and was attached to the 9th Lancers.

In 1939 he transferred to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars who were in Egypt at that time, to be with his brother Frank. One of his proudest recollections was when his troop was taken by the then Major Hackett to the top of a ridge to view the Afrika Korps in leaguer below. Obviously, his saddest moment was to see his brother perish when his tank was hit and set on fire.

I first got to know Bob when I was given the task of removing the gearbox and clutch from his Centurion on the hospital grounds in Suwon, Korea, only to find that he had lived in my home village in Hampshire.

After leaving the Regiment we again met at Perham Down in 1968 for the Guidon Parade. When he came to live in Winchester, we would often meet and spent many evenings together over a bottle of Black Bush discussing the Regimental History of which he was an expert.

I have lost a very true friend and the Regimental Association a very proud member.

To Margaret and Graham and all the family, we send our sympathy. We shall miss you, Bob

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