Tansy died on 12 August 1998, aged 85.

Sgt TJ Lees
Sgt TJ Lees

He enlisted at Derby in August 1930 in the 11th Hussars who were then stationed at Warburg Barracks, Aldershot. In November 1931 he transferred to the 12th Lancers in Cairo, remaining there until returning to the UK in December 1934.

In early 1936 he again went to Egypt until returning to the UK in December 1936 to take his discharge on to the Reserve.

In October 1939 he was recalled and posted to the 2nd Armoured Division which moved to the Middle East in October 1940. In May 1941 he was transferred to the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, joining them at Tahang Camp. Shortly afterwards they moved to the Gezira Racecourse. He was promoted to Sergeant in June 1941.

He took part in the desert battles from May 1942 until moving with the Regiment to Cyprus in January 1943. From there the Regiment moved back to Egypt (Ben Yousef), where they converted to an armoured reconnaissance regiment.

On St George’s Day 1944 they embarked at Port Said for Italy. Tansy took part in that campaign until he embarked for the UK in April 1945, leaving the Army in November 1945, when he became a lorry driver and eventually a heavy goods vehicle driver.

He became an instructor with the Army Cadet Force and served them loyally for many years. He also served as the secretary of his local Royal British Legion and received a certificate for his work in the benevolence field.

He kept in close touch with the Regimental Association and attended the Leicester Troop events.

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