Tom Scott, born on the 26th March 1930 at Hartlepool, County Durham, joined the Army just after his 18th birthday. He trained initially with the 12th Royal Lancers and was then posted to Tidworth to join The 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in July 1948 as a Driver/Gunner.

Sgt T Scott
Sgt T Scott

The Regiment at that time was being brought up to strength with all regular soldiers from other regiments in the RAC prior to a three-year tour of duty in Malaya (Far East).

Tom joined ‘A’ Squadron and the Regiment sailed aboard the M.T. Dilwara in August 1948 to join the Garrison in Malaya who were engaged in assisting the civil powers and Malayan Police Force in fighting an insurrection by the former Anti-Japanese Army to take over the Country.

The Regiment returned to the UK in December 1951. Tom was posted on attachment to the Shropshire Yeomanry from December 1952 to August 1955. During this period Tom met and married Beryl.

Having rejoined the Regiment Tom started on the promotion ladder with the appointment of L/Cpl in August 1955 and subsequently Substantive Cpl in April 1957.

Tom rebadged to the QRIH on amalgamation in October 1958 in BAOR. He served in many places after amalgamation including the UK, Aden, Malaya (again), Borneo and Singapore.

During his service Tom seemed to have amassed many courses under his belt, namely D & M Course, Air Portability, Stalwart, ‘B’ Vehicles, Fire NCO, Provost, Gunnery and Water Course.

He was promoted to Sgt in August 1962 and was discharged in April 1970 having served 22 years and left with an exemplary character ad went to live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

He was very proud to have been a soldier, a 4th Hussar and an Irish Hussar. He was awarded the GSM and Clasp Malaya, GSM and Clasp Borneo and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

In civilian life, Tom worked firstly for Silhouette in an administrative capacity and finally for Diago Dairy Products on the manufacturing side until retirement aged 67. His interests were gardening, crosswords, watching football and snooker.

He also took on a voluntary post as a Warden at the Regimental Museum of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry for about four years after retirement.

Tom married Beryl in July 1954. They had two sons, Peter and Andrew and four grandchildren.

Tom died on the 28th of September 2009 aged 79.

He had been unwell for about six months as a result of a fall some two years before and eventually died of pneumonia.

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