Patrick Aiden McAssey died at home aged 80 on 10 September 2004.

SQMS A McAssey
SQMS A McAssey

For many years he had suffered acute emphysema which had left him housebound. Despite this, he never lost his enthusiasm, sense of humour and interest in life.

The McAssey family had long connections to the 4th Hussars. Aiden was born in India in 1923, where his father, who rose to the rank of warrant officer class one, was serving with the Regiment.

Tom, Aiden’s elder brother, was a pre-war soldier and had the distinction of being in Loopy Kennard’s tank crew, and was taken prisoner with him in Greece.

After the war in 1948, Tom ‘claimed’ his younger brother Aiden, who had been serving with the marine division of the Royal Service Army Corps. Aiden received much publicity when the 4th Hussars disembarked in Singapore in September 1948. He was temporarily employed in the Regimental Police, and a photograph of him appeared on the front page of the Straits Times.

Aiden joined ‘A’ Squadron, and in early 1949 was promoted and appointed Troop Sergeant to 4th Troop ‘A’ Squadron where he stayed for the remainder of the Malayan Tour. The Troop Leader was Jon Sutro and they formed a firm friendship which was always maintained.

After Malaya, Aiden served with the 4th Hussars in UK and Germany and was a Troop Sergeant in ‘B’ Squadron where his Troop Leaders included Robin Fremantle, Charles Rich and Harry Bott, all of whom remember him with great affection. Eventually, he was promoted to Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant and served in this capacity before ending his Regimental soldiering days.

He married Josie in 1948, and their only son Michael was born in Malaya in 1950.

On leaving the Army he and Josie moved to Chester. However, due to emphysema, his working life was seriously curtailed, and he retired early due to ill health.

Aiden was very proud to be a member of the Regiment and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

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