Bill Clarkson died on May 15th, 1971, in hospital aged 63 years, after a long period of ill-health.

He joined the 3rd Hussars in 1927 and served until 1932.

He rejoined the 3rd Hussars in 1937 and subsequently saw service with the Derbyshire Yeomanry in 1942 and with 2nd S.A.S. from 1943-1945.

He was Provost Sergeant of the 3rd Hussars in Palestine and was finally demobbed in 1947 as S.Q.M.S.

He was appointed Regimental Museum orderly in May 1966 and gave outstanding service until his decease. He took a keen interest in his job and we shall all miss him very much. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Jean.

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