Bert died on 25 January 1994.

He joined the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in August 1948, while they were stationed in Colchester, from the South Lancashire Regiment, having previously served in the Lancashire Fusiliers and the Parachute Regiment. During this time he served in India, Batavia, Singapore and Palestine.

He spent two happy years from March 1955 with the Shropshire Yeomanry before rejoining the 4th Hussars in May 1957.

He became a Queen’s Royal Irish Hussar on 24 October 1958 and served with them in Hohne, Tidworth, Aden, Singapore, Borneo and Malaya until going on a series of ERE postings in August 1963.

He returned to the Regiment in November 1966, while they were stationed in Wolfenbüttel, and moved with them to Perham Down and Bovington, where he worked for the Quartermaster and was acting MT warrant officer. He was discharged in November 1970.

Bert was a good and respected member of the Sergeants’ Mess and was a most amusing character. We, unfortunately, lost touch with him when he left in 1970 to join British Aerospace. After two years he joined the oil industry in which, apparently, he made quite a name for himself.

His last post was in the Middle East, where he was presented, as a personal gift, with a gold medal by the Sultan for services rendered to the country.

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