Arthur died on 22 March 2000, aged 73.

He enlisted in the General Service Corps in London on 9 February 1944. After training at 30 Primary Training Wing, he joined the RAC on 18 May 1944 and did his RAC training with the 58th Training Regiment.

He was posted to the Reconnaissance Training Centre in October 1944 and then to 38th Reconnaissance Regiment in December 1944, Further postings were to the Yorkshire Hussars, 47 Reinforcement Holding Unit and 15 Reconnaissance Regiment, serving in Belgium and Germany all in the space of one year. What a frustrating time that year must have been.

Eventually, he was posted to the Royal Scots Greys on 23 March 1946, which was at that time in Lüneburg. He shot up from Trooper to Sergeant in eighteen months. Up to then, he had been a signalman, but in November 1949 he took and passed the trade test as a vehicle mechanic AIII and became a signaller/driver.

In November 1950 he left the Royal Scots Greys and was posted to 66th Training Regiment at Catterick. For a few months, he was with the 8th Royal Tank Regiment.

In January 1952 he was attached to REME. He took his initial discharge on 9 June 1952, working firstly in the UK and then in Germany. He did farm work and two years with the Forestry Commission.

He married Hella on 20 April 1949 and was living in Hartmannshausen, when he re-enlisted in the REME. He had the great good fortune to be posted to the LAD of the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, then at Hohne, joining them on 20 June 1957. Again his rise through the ranks was quick-Craftsman to Sergeant in six months. While in the REME, he served in the LAD and all of the Sabre squadrons.

He moved with the Regiment to Tidworth in June 1961, and on Balaklava Day he embarked with the rest of the Regiment on the SS Oxfordshire for Aden, still with the LAD of the Irish Hussars’. He sailed with them in late September 1962 to Penang.

In December 1963 he transferred to the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars (‘C’ Squadron) at the rank of Lance Corporal. He was a Sergeant again in six days,

Now an Irish Hussar, Arthur flew home with the rest of the Regiment in September 1964. After leave, the Regiment met up again in Wolfenbüttel, where the Regiment spent a very happy three years. He initially helped with the Regiment’s farm before returning to ‘C’ Squadron as troop Sergeant to Lt Hoare in 4th Troop!

In December 1967 he moved on the advance party to Perham Down. In May 1968 he was posted to the Equipment Trials, Wing at Bovington, where he remained until going on the advance party to Paderborn. It was at Bovington that he and Hella had two allotments. The writer of this obituary had always fancied himself as a horticulturist, but seeing Arthur’s and Hella’s plots, he was suitably respectable.

Arthur was promoted to Staff Sergeant in July 1970, joining the Quartermaster’s staff as Families’ SQMS, an appointment to which he was ideally suited. It was at this time that he and Hella built their very nice house at Hartmannshausen, where visitors were always made most welcome.

He took his discharge in November 1972 and became a BIA at Fallingbostel; soon becoming the Chief BIA. He retired from this in 1991 and after a short period returned to live in West Mersea, near Colchester where, in addition to fishing, he took up bowls, and I learned from speaking to some of his fellow club members, he became quite good.

Arthur was an outstanding individual in every respect. Honest, efficient, hardworking and reliable. By his example, he got the best out of those under his command and had the respect of everyone. He was a loyal and supportive member of the Regimental

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