Jimmy was a popular member of the 8th Hussars and the QRIH.

SSgt J Johnston
SSgt J Johnston

He worked in the technical stores for most of his service and did a tremendous job under at least three QM(T)s. One particular time that springs to mind were during a difficult takeover in Paderborn.

Jimmy was on the advance party and must have worked day and night to get the ‘jigsaw’ almost completed by the time the rest of the Regiment caught up with him, still wearing that big smile of his and convincing everyone he was enjoying it.

Jimmy served with the Regiment in Aden, Malaya, Singapore etc being efficient and charming, all with his Irish humour and cheerfulness.

Being an Irishman gave him that ‘knowledge’ of the horses which he would love to share with others if they felt so inclined!

He was a Regimental gem, a good friend and fun to serve with, both on and off duty. He was a great supporter of the Regimental Association and a founder member of the Wool Troop, his absence will be felt by all.

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