Peter Brown joined ‘B’ Squadron 3rd Hussars, at Perham Down in 1948. He moved with ‘B’ Squadron to Rendsburgh in BAOR, and later to Lubeck when the squadron rejoined the Regiment after service in Palestine.

SSgt P Brown
SSgt P Brown

When at Munster he became the Colonel’s driver after which he attended a Wireless Instructors course at Bovington. On completion of the course, he was employed as the Colonel’s driver operator.

On promotion to Corporal, he was appointed ‘HQ’ Squadron signal NCO.

In 1954 he was posted to the RAC Boys Squadron, later the Juniors Leaders Regiment, as a Wireless Instructor. During his time with the Boys Squadron, he helped to train the boys swimming team enabling them to reach the Army championships three years running. He was also a member of the Squadron Modern Pentathlon Team that attained 4th place in the Army and National Championships, and a personal individual placing of 13th.

In 1956 he was promoted to Sergeant and returned to the Regiment in BAOR in 1957 and then to Tidworth in 1958 for the amalgamation with the 7th Hussars.

In 1959 he was posted to the School of Infantry at Warminster where he was employed as the APC Troop sergeant. On completion of this tour in 1969, he returned to the Regiment, now QOH, in BAOR. He subsequently served with them in Catterick, Maresfield and Aden.

On return from Aden, he was promoted to SSgt and spent his last few months in the Army at the Gunnery School at Lulworth.

He was for most of his service employed in communications as an operator, signals NCO and instructor at all of which he was a valuable asset. He was a keen sportsman, representing the Regiment in Swimming, Water Polo, Basketball and Modern Pentathlon. He also represented the Army in the Inter-Service
Triathlons. On two occasions he reached the final pool of the Army Fencing Championships.

Peter died on 24th April 2009 aged 80.

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