Mervyn joined The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars just after amalgamation in 1958 in Hohne.

SSgt TM Mulholland
SSgt TM Mulholland

He was a well-known and liked member of the Regiment, whose early career was rather colourful for various reasons.

As a long-serving member of ‘C’ Squadron, he represented the squadron as a member of the boxing team and cross country running, capable of endless energy even after a heavy night out.

Mervyn showed his ability as a first-class gunner on the Centurion Tank and Saladin Armoured car and was often chosen to demonstrate prior to squadron shoots.

After Wolfenbuttel Mervyn was posted to the North Irish Horse where he served for a spell before rejoining the Regiment on promotion.

His remaining years were spent with Regimental Tech Troop, a job he enjoyed and did well. During an exercise, the vehicle he was travelling in was involved in an accident which resulted in Mervyn sustaining injuries which rendered him disabled. After a long spell in rehabilitation, he was discharged and returned to his beloved Bushmills where he spent his remaining years.

He was a proud person who loved his family and took special pride in his son Lee, an officer in The Prince of Wales Own Regiment.

Mervyn was a lion in the field and a gentleman in the barracks, and his sudden death on 29 October 2003, has left a hole in the lives of all his friends.

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