Arthur died on 21 June 2009, aged 71 years.

Tpr A Edwards
Tpr A Edwards

He enlisted at Catterick Camp on 21 June 1956 as a National Serviceman. After basic training at Catterick with The 5th Dragoon Guards, he was posted to The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, then stationed in Wyvern Barracks, Lüneburg on 20 October 1956, and was posted to ‘C’ Squadron.

Having changed to a Regular Engagement on 15 August 1956, he was promoted to Lance Corporal on 8 October 1957. He, unfortunately, lost it on 11 April 1958. He attended an Assistant Gunnery Instructor’s course at Lulworth in April-May 1957.

He joined The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars on amalgamation with The 4th Queen’s Own Hussars on 24 October 1958, staying in ‘C’ Squadron.

He left Hohne for the UK prior to release on 11 July 1959, being released to the ‘A’ Reserve on 18 August 1959 and being released from the Reserve on 16 August 1963.

He married Barbara on 30 July 1960.

In civilian life he worked for the Ford Motor Company at Dagenham and later transferred to the Basildon Tractor plant as a hoist maintenance fitter, where he stayed for 35 years of service, retiring at the age of 55. During that time he gained notoriety as being a good Shop steward and J.W.C member – as you can see, his army training came in very useful.

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