Frank died on 5 August 2005 in the Manchester area aged 80.

He was among the many Polishmen enlisted into the British Armed Forces from the Polish Resettlement Corps soon after the end of the Second World War. Of these, at least 40 Poles joined the 4th Hussars during 1947/48.

At that time very few had command of the English language. However, one of their number – Cpl (later WO1) Michael Kapuscinski, a graduate of Poznan University and a sabre-bearing officer in the Polish Cavalry who did speak fairly fluent English became an interpreter and translator.

The writer of this obituary recalls how ‘Kappa’ would visit the Orderly Room every morning to translate Part 1 Orders into the Polish language which the said writer then had to type into the Orders.

Subsequently, they were signed by the then Adjutant – Douglas Messenger who did so in good faith!

The Poles were quickly absorbed into the 4th Hussars and in the fullness of time they proved to be very hard working and brave soldiers.

Frank saw service in the Far East – Malaya and Hong Kong mostly with ‘A’ Squadron, He completed his engagement in 1953 and entered civilian life.
Most of this time was spent in the Manchester area albeit Frank ‘tried out’ Canada for about 12 months.

His funeral and cremation took place in Oldham on 12 August 2005. At the request of his family, The 4th Hussars’ flag was draped over his coffin.

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