Henry died at the age of 94 on 15 May 1995.

Tpr HJ Ayers
Tpr HJ Ayers

He joined the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in October 1923 while they were stationed in Muttra, from the 10th Hussars, who he had joined in September 1922.

He took part in the two long marches on change of station from Muttra to Lucknow, 250 miles, in February 1924, and from Lucknow to Meerut, 300 miles, in October

He had been a batman to the Riding Master Capt WT Pegrum and was a very experienced rider himself, taking part in many competitions and tattoos.

He left India in February 1929 and the Army in August 1929, having done his seven years.

We only found Henry again in 1994, when we gave him some help.

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