John Bradwell was born on 27 January 1929 at Ruddington Nottinghamshire.

Tpr JE Bradwell
Tpr JE Bradwell

He was called up for National Service on 20 March 1947 and posted initially to 45 Primary Training Centre and consequently to 59th Training Regiment RAC followed by posting as a clerk to the 4th Hussars who were stationed in Lubeck, BAOR.

The Regiment returned to the UK (Colchester) in November 1947 for the first time in seven years but their stay in Colchester was short-lived and by August 1948 the Regiment was made up to strength as all regular ranks regiment and set sail for Malaya.

The National Service element in the Regiment was dispersed to other Regiments and John went to the 17/21st Lancers and was eventually discharged to the Reserve at the end of his two years of National Service in May 1949.

On leaving the Army John was employed in the printing trade and eventually was involved in a small family printing business.

He married Jane in 1953 and they had three sons Mathew, Robert and John, two of whom served in the Army, one in the Grenadier Guards and one in the Queen’s Regiment. There were also four grandchildren.

John enjoyed painting, country life and sailing.

Jane told me he was always very pleased in later years to receive his birthday card from the Association.

John had suffered a series of strokes over a period of years and eventually died of a heart attack on 26 February aged 79.

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