Tich joined HQ Squadron of The 4th Queen’s Own Hussar’s in July 1935, transferred to ‘B’ Squadron in 1936, moving back to ‘HQ’ Squadron in 1937 where he remained until being captured at Kalamata on 26 April 1941. He was discharged in January 1944.

At 5ft high and seven stones in weight, he was a member of the Regimental Boxing Team from 1935 who won most of his fights. He packed a hefty punch for a Bantamweight. He also boxed at Flyweight. He was a member of the team which won the 1st Cavalry Brigade Boxing competition in 1936, 1937 and 1938. He also represented the Command Team in 1937 and 1938.

As Tom McAssey relates, he was a cheerful and helpful man, and very popular in the Regiment. In fact, a Regimental character, and what he lacked in inches he certainly made up for in spirit and willingness.

Tom also relates that accepted by them all was the fact that Tich was excused Main Guard (but not Line or Stable Guard ) and Church Parades in as much as that he was too short to hold the long Cavalry Sword properly.

Tom, who boxed at Bantamweight, was coached by Tich. Due to this, he says, he won his bouts in the Regimental competition.

Tich was a loyal member of the Regimental Association and Regiment, regularly attending the Cavalry Memorial Weekend events.

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