John died on 3 June 1999 aged 80 at his home in Tamworth.

He enlisted in the Army on 15 September 1939. After basic and trade training at 57th Training Regiment RAC. He was posted on 1 April 1940 to 4th Hussars then in the Middle East.

He was serving with the Regiment in Greece when it was overwhelmed by the Germans in April 1941. From then until April 1945 he was a PoW mainly in Germany. He was finally discharged from the Army in May 1946.

Despite this, John maintained his membership in the 4th Hussars OCA up to the end of his life.

He was also an active member of the Kalamata Association and went out to Greece to attend services at the memorial there. John’s body was cremated at Sutton Coldfield in May 1999 and one of his contemporaries – Joe Joyce 4H also a POW represented the Regimental Association and Birmingham Troop at the Crematorium.

We extend our condolences to John’s widow and his stepson.

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