John Gavin joined the Army on 14 May 1975.

Tpr JP Gavin
Tpr JP Gavin

Upon completion of basic training, he was posted to The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars in Paderborn on 17 October 1975 where he joined ‘C’ Squadron.

He was a member of 1st Troop ‘C’ Squadron, winners of the Churchill Cup in 1976.

John deployed to BATUS twice during his time with the Regiment in 1976 and 1978.

He decided to leave the Army after almost 4 year’s exemplary service and was discharged on 7th March 1979.

Since leaving the Army John has maintained links with the Regiment through membership in the Association and Dettingen Troop and kept in touch with many of those with whom served.

When he left the Army, John was married at that time to his first wife Juta, a German national, he decided to remain in Germany and worked at Bentler’s pipe works and eventually became a supervisor. He and Juta had 2 children, Patrick and Stephanie.

We know that John was briefly married for a second time but do not know the name of his second wife. He is survived by his third wife, Dagma.

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