James died on 5th August 2010, aged almost 77.

Tpr J Taylor
Tpr J Taylor

Before enlisting he worked at the Clydeside Shipyards and was the sole earner of a widowed mother and three siblings. He enlisted for National Service at Catterick on 28 October 1951 and did his training with 68 Training Regiment at Catterick.

He joined The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in Lüneburg on 7 February 1952 and joined ‘C’ Squadron.

He was on Parade for the first visit of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on 30 September 1953. This was just prior to his return to the UK for release on 8 October 1953.

He returned to Scotland, Glasgow and did his compulsory TA Service with The Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry. He attended two Annual Camps and was discharged to the AER Pool on 20 October 1956. He was discharged from National Service on 17 April 1957.

On leaving in 1957 he joined the Glasgow Water Dept, which became Strathclyde Water Board. He was a Waterman for the South and East of Glasgow until he retired.

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