Trooper Jamie William Staley lost his life in Oct 2018.

Tpr JW Staley
Tpr JW Staley

By means of tribute, this article honours Trooper Stayley and formally recognizes his place within the life of The Queen’sRoyal Hussars.

Tpr Staley’s story is one of a young man, full of potential, yet sadly his life would be taken from him far too soon. Even though his life was short, Tpr Staley lived to realise his dream of becoming a soldier in the British Army and a Trooper in The Queen’s Royal Hussars.

Just over twenty years ago, Jamie William Staley was born, he weighed only 3lb 9. His early years were spent with his Mum in the town of Skellow, near Doncaster. Tpr Staley was very close to his mum and grandmother. Together his mum, Stella and grandmother created a warm loving environment in which Tpr Staley would flourish.

At first, someone might think of Tpr Staley as a little quiet.

However, as soon as he got to know someone and became comfortable around them, he was warm, funny and caring. He was always cracking jokes and had a witty but dry sense of humour.

Tpr Staley’s education at Owston Park and Adwick Academy provided him with good education and a great start in life. At school, he was exemplary. He was a young man with a massive heart. Tpr Staley always wanted to join the British Army. Tpr Staley was fit, robust, disciplined and adaptable – he was the ideal candidate to become a soldier in the British Army. He had a sense of adventure always offering himself new adventures and challenges.

Tpr Staley departed Skellow in search of travel and adventure within the British Army. On completion of Phase 1 training, he progressed on to Phase 2 at Bovingdon. Phase 1 and 2 training were tough. In Phase 2 one of his best friends told me, ‘if you needed anything he was always there to help. He was a good laugh. He was always coming out with funny comments which made people laugh. He was one of those people it was good to be around’.

Throughout Tpr Staley’s service with The Queen’s Royal Hussars, no one ever had a gripe with him. His Troop Commander, Lt Passfield commented, ‘if he had a group like Tpr Staley it would be brilliant. He never had any issues, he did everything he was told to the highest standard, he was modest as he went about his business and he was good without having to shout about it. Tpr Staley was everything The Queen’s Royal Hussars could want in a soldier’.

Tpr Staley’s military friends and the people who knew him from training had the utmost respect for him. He was a hard worker around the tank park, if he was given a task he wouldn’t stop until it was finished. Tpr Staley proved a real asset to ‘D’ Squadron and will be sorely missed.

Jamie would want to be remembered as a Trooper – someone who was dedicated and committed. Someone of remarkable fitness. Tpr Staley had so much potential and so much to give.

Sadly events unfolded such as they did and through an RTI, Tpr Staley lost his life.

May the soul of Trooper Jamie William Staley by the mercy of God, rest in peace and rise in glory.

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