Nick, as his comrades affectionately knew him, died on 9 May 1996 at his home aged 69. He was a victim of stomach cancer.

He joined the 4th Hussars in 1946 at Trieste as part of the first draft of soldiers to replace those who had served during the war and were due for demobilisation.

He remained with the 4th Hussars throughout his service which ended in late 1952; most, if not all of this service, was with ‘A’ Squadron and his troop leaders included Brig TW Tilbrook and Capt DR ‘Jock’ Coleman.

Nick was a dependable soldier who was fiercely proud of his Regiment. He was a well-built man and very competent with his fists both in and on occasions outside the boxing ring. His service with the 4th Hussars took him from Trieste through Europe to Lübeck, Colchester, the Far East, and Salisbury Plain.

He married a few years after demob to Dorothy ´Dot’ and they had one child, a daughter named Mary. During his civilian career, he worked for Wolverhampton Council in transport.

Nick’s funeral and interment took place in Wolverhampton on 20 May 1996 and the Association was represented there by former 4th Hussars Sgts Bert Beavis, Dave Lockwood and Frank Sleeman.

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