Ralph Sutton died in Sennelager on 1 October 1999.

Ralph, or Taff as he was inevitably known, was born at Deri, near Bargoed on 8 March 1935. They say of Welshmen that if you pinch them, they do not yell…they sing! This was undoubtedly true of Taff. His voice was as Welsh as the Treorchy Male Voice Choir and very much part of his charm.

Taff joined the 4H as a national serviceman on 10 November 1953 and served with them for two years. This was extended by a few extra weeks due to an internal misunderstanding and, subsequently, an involuntary visit to the unit guardroom.

After a short return to civilian life, and deciding that perhaps Army life was not as bad as he had initially thought, he rejoined the 4H just before amalgamation in 1958. Taff spend very little of his time at ERE and served with the Regiment in Germany, the UK, Aden, Kenya, Sharjah, Malaya, Sarawak, Brunei and Canada. This is an impressive record which reads like the QRIH arms plot during that period. Taff retired in 1977.

Deservedly popular, Taff was a man without pretension, possessed of a healthy sense of humour, and irrepressible optimism.

He was a loyal and reliable soldier in the field and an entertaining companion at the bar. He will be sorely missed by his many friends and those fortunate enough to have served with him.

To his wife Ingrid and family, we offer our deepest sympathy and condolence.

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