Narel Sharpe joined the Army in November 2000. He completed basic training at Winchester and Phase 2 training at Bovington before joining the Regiment and ‘D’ Squadron in November 2001.

Tpr N Sharpe
Tpr N Sharpe

In 2001, Narel deployed with the Regiment on Op Agricola 7 to Kosovo where, as a rifleman, he conducted stabilisation operations.

In 2002 he fought fires in the hinterland of Manchester as part of Op Fresco, the Military response to the fireman’s strikes.

In late 2002, ‘D’ Squadron, which included Tpr Sharpe, was warned to prepare for possible deployment on Op Telic 1 to Iraq. Having completed some initial low-level training the Squadron was stood down.

Narel completed the 2003 Training Year crewed as a gunner in callsign 42, D Squadron, which included an abnormally long 33-day exercise in BATUS, Canada.
In June 2003, the Regiment was warned for Op Telic 3 and began pre-deployment training. Narel remained in 4th Troop and became a rifleman for the duration of the tour in Iraq. He saw service in the Basra and Maysan Provinces.

Having returned from Iraq, Narel was tragically killed in Birmingham in the early hours of 4 September 2004, during the Regiment’s summer leave.

Narel was a professional and mature soldier by the time of his tragic demise.

He was a well-loved member of ‘D’ Squadron whose infectious optimism and humour won him, friends. In more difficult situations, he was known to be calm and unflappable, and he had 2 excellent tours in Kosovo and Iraq. Narel also loved football and was not only an Arsenal fan but played for Paderborn Utd.

Narel will be sorely missed by the Regiment, ‘D’ Squadron and Paderborn Utd, but particularly by his many friends.

It was a testament to his popularity that so many of his friends attended his funeral.

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