VC died on 18 April 2000 aged 46.

He enlisted in London in March 1974. After training in Catterick, he joined the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars in Paderborn in August 1974.

He served with the Regiment in Cyprus in late 1974, and early 1975, when he returned to Paderborn.

He went to ‘A’ Squadron to Berlin in July/August 1975 to take 2RTR’s place while they exercised on the Luneburg training area.

He was at BATUS in the summer of 1976, then spent a further 18 months in Paderborn, before going to Berlin again in late 1978. He served in the UK from July 1979 until September 1980, returning to BAOR for one month, before moving with the Regiment to Perham Down and then to Bovington. He had a short time in Cyprus again in 1981 with ‘B’ Squadron.

He was released from military service on 1 September 1982.

Vic was an MT driver, who was hardworking, had a sense of humour and was well-known in the Regiment for his liveliness. He was a Regimental character.

On returning to civilian life, he first worked on security for the BBC and then for the Ford Motor Company as a mechanic.

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