Vic died on 19th January 1994.

He joined the Army at the outbreak of the War and enlisted into the Cavalry of the Line and was posted to the 22nd Armoured Brigade, where he joined the 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars. He went with 3rd Troop, ‘F’ Squadron as a tank driver to the Middle East in 1941 and took part in many tank battles in the Desert.

In May 1942 at Bir Harmat just before Knightsbridge in one hell of a battle. 3rd Troop were completely annihilated. Vic was one of the few survivors but was wounded and taken prisoner.

He was released in May 1945 and was sent to a hospital in England and then to the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars.

Vic saw service with the Colours from 12 September 1940 to 20 December 1947.

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