Brian died on 9 May 1995 after a long and courageous fight against a particularly nasty form of skin cancer.

WO1 B Lee
WO1 B Lee

Brian joined as a Junior Leader in 1958 and was posted to The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars in 1960 at Hohne Camp, From there he saw service in Aden, Singapore, Brunei, Bangkok, Borneo, Ipoh, Wolfenbüttel, Aden, Tidworth, Bovington, Chepstow, Paderborn and finally Tidworth. Part of this time was spent on ERE postings with the Army Air Corps and at the Army Apprentices College at Chepstow.

When an Irish Hussar he was a long-standing member of ‘B’ Squadron; he spent some time in Air Troop and on returning to Regimental duty he finally became the father figure, loved and respected by all – RSM – the boss!

Being a keen sportsman, especially on the field of rugby, Brian was a fanatical England supporter right up until his untimely death. His love of sport stood him in good stead when he left the Army. This was shown by the esteem with which he was held by the four youth football teams he helped to run. All four teams quite independently decided to attend his funeral.

Strange as it may seem, when Brian was cremated at York Crematorium, it was a solemn but happy occasion which celebrated a life that was cut short but which had achieved so much. I had the honour and privilege of reading a verse specially selected by his family. This red-haired Viking was sent on his way to Valhalla to the strains of Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’.

Brian never deserted his Regiment, in fact, in the years after he left the Army he always knew more than enough about how the Regiment was progressing, in particular during the Gulf War period.

He is survived by his wife Ceri, daughter Judith and sons Richard and Stuart. To them, we extend our support and the assurance that Brian will not be forgotten by his many friends both in the Regiment and the York area.

May he rest in eternal peace.

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