Dick Benson died in York on 25 October 1997 aged 93.

His funeral attracted many friends, including Ted Vyner and Charles Wood, both of whom live in York, were close friends and served with Dick in India.

Dick enlisted at the Cavalry Depot in Canterbury in 1921. The same year, his elder brother, serving with 3rd The King’s Own Hussars in Turkey, claimed him to the Regiment. His Regular service took him from Turkey to Egypt and on to India.

1934 saw the 3rd Hussars return to home service in Dick’s home city of York, where after a short time he returned to civilian life.

His love of service life and horses led him to enlist in the Yorkshire Hussars, at the outbreak of war the Hussars were mobilised and posted to Palestine, Dick left with them as a Troop Sergeant in ‘B’ Squadron commanded by the Earl of Feversham. When the Hussars were mechanised, he went to a base depot in Egypt as RSM.

Dick was a good friend of the late kettle drummer, Sgt Casey, and they were stalwarts of many Regimental sports teams. Dick, who was always a proud and smart man, was also kind and considerate. Ted Vyner tells me when he was a Band Boy in India, Dick kept a friendly eye on the boys to make sure they were fairly treated.

Dick liked nothing more than reminiscing about his time in the Army and remained a staunch 3rd Hussar. He is survived by his wife Topsy to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.

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