Don Bunker died suddenly on 2nd March 1989, collapsing at his Bournemouth home.

He joined the 3rd Hussars in 1935, just in time to complete riding school and before the Regiment mechanised. In his early years of service, he gained a reputation as a Regimental boxer.

He saw service with the Regiment throughout the Second World War and became RSM in 1946 when in Palestine. He later was to become RSM of the North Somerset Yeomanry finally retiring from the army in 1958.

After leaving the army he was a Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London for 20 years. As the Towers Yeoman Gaoler, he carried the axe and was well known for the picture of him that appeared on the front cover of the official Tower guidebook.

In 1985 he retired to Bournemouth where he became well known for his lectures and slides on the history of the Tower of London. He was also a resident toastmaster at a local hotel, a member of The London Society of Toastmasters and a former macebearer to the Royal College of Surgeons.

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