Bernard Lowther, known affectionately by one and all as Bunny, died early in September after a long illness, most of which was at home, and lovingly looked after by his wife Louise.

He enlisted into the Corps of Cavalry of the Line Regular Army and was posted in May 1933 to the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, so most of his life he had been a 4th Hussar.

He quickly showed his mechanical skills, as mechanisation was creeping into all walks of life, and he realised the importance of perfection in a trade.

He was captured in Greece and remained a Prisoner of War until May 1945.

He served with the Regiment in Malaya.

He rose to the rank of Squadron Sergeant Major and was a most popular and highly respected Warrant Officer.

He had great charm and influence, and it is doubtful if he ever raised his voice in anger.

He retired in 1955 to live in the depth of the Dorset countryside, eventually moving into the village of Bere Regis.

His Regiment, of which he was very proud, sent two representative 4th Hussars and a floral tribute. I am sure he would have appreciated this.

He has passed on, but will not be forgotten.

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