David, or ‘Sakai’ as he was affectionately known by members of ‘C’ Squadron, died on 17 November 1999 aged 70 years and 10 months in his native North Wales.

WO2 DE Jones
WO2 DE Jones

He had suffered ill health for many years before his demise but it was characteristic that he made light of his burden.

On leaving school where he was academically bright, he worked as a clerk for Pryce Jones and remained as such until his enlistment into the Army on 29 May 1947.

After completing his basic training he was posted to 4H at which time the regiment was stationed at Lubeck.

He moved with his regiment to Colchester in April 1948 when he was promoted to Lance Corporal; the regiment was at that time at cadre strength.

With the exception of attendance at various courses ie gunnery instructor, nuclear and chemical warfare, and Guards’ foot drill David remained with his regiment and its successor – QRIH for the whole of his service.

This took him in chronological order to Malaya (jungle warfare), Hong Kong, Malaya, UK become a substantive squadron sergeant major. He was without (Southern command), BAOR, Aden, Malaya, Borneo and Sarawak.

David had an open nature and he was a prominent member of the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess. He was also a staunch supporter of the Regimental boxing, rugby and soccer teams.

David married Dawn in Rhayader. During his residence there he 4th Hussar – ‘Hooky’ Wheeler in 1955 but sadly the marriage failed. He is survived by a son, daughter and three grandchildren who live near their great-grandfather in Colchester.

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