Edward (Vic) Oliver joined the Army in 1944.

WO2 E Oliver, MBE
WO2 E Oliver, MBE

After his basic training, he was posted to the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment. During his time with this unit, he served in Germany and was taken prisoner on 4 April 1945, but was freed when the POW camp was overrun by the American Forces eight days later.

After five months in England Vic then went to the Middle East where he transferred to the 3rd Hussars, with whom he saw service in Palestine in 1948, and then BAOR which took him to Berlin, where he met his future wife, Margot, whom he married in 1951. They had one daughter, Madeleine who now lives in Luxembourg.

After a tour of duty with the RAC Junior Leaders Regiment as SQMS, Vic rejoined the regiment until they were amalgamated with the 7th Hussars. He then served with the Queen’s Own Hussars in Germany and Catterick as ROMS(T) before being posted to 2 ADS at Hamm where he stayed until his release in 1969.

Vic was awarded the MBE in 1969 for his service in the Army, in particular for his untiring efforts as ROMS of 2 ADS RAC through the difficult time of reorganisation and movement of the squadron.

After leaving the Army and setting up a home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Vic was employed by the National Westminster Bank until his retirement in 1990. Sadly his wife died just two weeks later.

Vic’s main hobby was fishing which he kept up until ill health prevented him from doing so.

He moved to Risby Park nursing home in November 1998 where he stayed until his death on 30 August 2000.

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