Leslie, who died at his home in New Zealand in May 1995, joined the 3rd King’s Own Hussars at Perham Down in late 1947.

WO2 LM Woollard
WO2 LM Woollard

He came from the Band of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps (60th), to help to reform the 3rd Hussars’ Band. He became the first Band Sergeant and later Band Sergeant Major of the new post-war Regimental Band.

Les served many years with the 60th Rifles and, although the lifestyle and drill were quite different, he soon became a natural cavalryman, and was perfectly suited for the task ahead. With his quiet charm and vast musical experience, he was a calming influence to headstrong young Bandsman.

Les was born in India which probably explains his expertise on the hockey field. He loved to play tennis and was a natural sportsman. He retired in 1955 and, with his wife, emigrated to New Zealand, where he became Director of Music in the New Zealand Territorial Army.

He was an extremely nice man, who was popular throughout the Regiment and a good example to all; he certainly was to me.

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