Desmond Vivian Day, better known to us as Dickie Day, was born in Gloucestershire on 24 May 1924 and was educated locally He enlisted on 9 April 1943 and joined for full-time service on 20 May.

WO2 DV Day
WO2 DV Day

He completed his RAC training at 52nd Training Regiment RAC in December and then volunteered for service with Airborne Forces.

After completing training as a parachutist he joined the 22nd Independent Para Company, the Pathfinders of 6th Airborne Division. He was unable to take part in the airborne operation for D-Day as he was at that time under age for combat.

He saw action later in 1944 when the 22nd Company parachuted at the Rhine Crossing operation.

At the end of the NW Europe campaign, his company was redeployed to the Far East in preparation for the defeat of the Japanese. However, hostilities ceased in August 1945 with no further commitment for action against the Japanese.

Subsequently, his company saw minor action in what was the Dutch East Indies. The company was then redeployed to Palestine in 1946 and then disbanded. He was transferred to the 3rd Hussars in Palestine.

On amalgamation in 1958, he served in BAOR with the Queen’s Own Hussars until his release in 1958.

He then was employed by Lloyds Bank in Bovington Camp until his retirement.

His wife, Vera, predeceased him and he died on 28 June 2015.

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