Frank died in September 2003 aged 85 He enlisted into the Cavalry of the Line on 22 November 1937 and was allocated to the 4th Hussars as a trooper.

At that time the Regiment was in the process of yielding up the last of its equine chargers for mechanical ones. Within 18 months of enlisting Frank had qualified as a driver mechanic CI and with it promotion to corporal.

When World War II was declared on 3 September 1939 Frank had entered the Sergeants’ Mess.

On 16 November 1940, he moved with his Regiment to the Middle East which involved a journey by sea from Liverpool to Port Suez via the South African Cape.

He was soon in the thick of the action in the Western Desert and subsequently in Greece where he and many other 4th Hussars were taken POW by the German Waffen SS on 26 April 1941.

There followed the very uncomfortable move from Greece via Yugoslavia to a POW camp in Germany.

This incarceration ended on 15 May 1945 when frank was moved home; after recuperation in a military hospital at Newmarket, he was posted to Class B reserve.

In June 1947 Frank was recalled to the Colours and soon afterwards he became a WO2 (SSM) and posted as a PSI to the Shropshire Yeomanry (TA) a regiment affiliated with the 4th Hussars.

He thus did not accompany his regiment to the Far East in 1948.

However he did rejoin the 4th Hussars in February 1952 now based at Bhurtpore Barracks, Tidworth when he was appointed SSM of ‘HQ’ Squadron. Frank’s Regular service ended in November 1953.

He found accommodation for himself and his family at Thorpe Malsor, Northants and employment with British Timken manufacturers of roller bearings where he remained until his retirement. It is understood that his organisational skills were put to full use each year when he ‘ran’ the British Timken Show.

One of his near neighbours was the redoubtable Lt Colonel Loopy Kennard. At a Regimental Association gathering, Frank recalled how on one Sunday morning he was summoned from his home by Loopy perched on an ailing tractor in this fashion – ‘Sarn’t Major, come and fix this bloody engine’!

Frank joined the TA in July 1956 and served for two years therein with A Field Regiment Royal Artillery in the rank of sergeant.

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