Rank and Name Date Cause War Diary Entry/Event Detail
Capt GLE SherlockCapt GLE Sherlock 25 Aug 14 Killed in Action Attached to West African Frontier Forces. Killed in the Cameroons.
Lt CB LeechmanLt CB Leechman 23 Sep 14 Reported ‘Missing’ ” … On the morning of the 23rd of September Lieutenant Leechman and his men marched to Paissy, where they were concealed in caves and ordered to remain until relieved by the 2nd Cavalry Brigade. The next day Lieutenant Leechman was reported missing; it was hoped that he had been captured rather than killed, but an official enquiry to Berlin received the response that he was not a prisoner. In March of 1915, the Commanding Officer of the regiment ordered a court of inquiry to be held into Lieutenant Leechman’s fate. There was only one witness, who said: “I was on a special patrol commanded by Lieutenant Leechman… we were keeping communication between a battalion of Zouaves and the West Surrey Regiment and Lieutenant Leechman was all day at intervals going up on foot to the firing line, generally to the French line. After dark he stayed with the sentry just above the horses. At 1am I was on sentry and Lieutenant Leechman went towards the Zouaves firing line on foot… I never saw him again.”
2Lt CH Gath2Lt CH Gath 30 Oct 14 Killed in action “… The Regt was then ordered to rejoin the 2nd Cav Div and marching via St ELOI in the rear of the Greys eventually reached WYTSCHAETE about 8pm. Our casualties while holding the wood and when withdrawing therefore was almost entirely caused by shell fire and were heavy.”
Lt ST BarrLt ST Barr 23 Feb 15 Killed in action Attached to the 20th Hussars.
No image availableCapt AHL Soames, MC 07 Jul 15 Accident Attached to Royal Flying Corps. Accidentaly killed in England, whilst practising bomb-throwing on aerial flight.
No image availableLt DPB Taylor, MC 14 Mar 16 Missing and death accepted. Attached to Royal Flying Corps.
No image availableCapt M Burge 02 Jul 16 Killed in action Attached to Northumberland Fusiliers.
No image availableLt RA Kettle 26 Mar 18 Missing and death accepted. ” … 1 troop under Lieut RA Kettle joined a composite squadron of 4th Cav Bde (a troop from each regt), and joined a mounted force which was to form a defensive flank S. of HAM.”
No image availableLt CRP Brooks 02 Apr 18 Killed in action. Attached to 4th Machine Gun Squadron.
No image available2Lt HLB Crabbe 15 May 18 Killed in action. Attached to Attached to Royal Flying Corps.
Lt ACB FreemanLt ACB Freeman 27 Sep 18 Killed in action. Attached to Royal Scots Fusiliers.
No image availableCapt JJ Dobie, DSO., MC 30 Sep 18 Killed in action “… 5pm – message received from Capt Howard, ‘C’ Sqdn that Capt JJ Dobie DSO MC, had been killed by shell fire in the morning. ‘C’ Squadron had been close behind 1st NZ Bde while they attacked CREVECOEUR, ready to seige the high ground beyond, as soon as the village was clear. The 1st NZ Bde got first over the St QUENTIN CANAL but were unable to proceed further, and later withdrew …”

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