Presented to the Officers of the 8th Hussars, this painting, a copy by Allen Ramsey depicts Lord Cathcart in full armour.

the Honourable Charles Cathcart took up arms aged eighteen and in 1706 commanded a troop in the royal Scots Dragoons, distinguishing himself at the decisive battle of Ramilies.

Three years later he was appointed Major in the Greys and soon afterwards attained the Lieutenant Colonelcy of that Regiment.

On the outbreak of the rebellion of the Earl of Mar 1715, he joined the duke of Argyll at Sterling and was detached by his Grace, with a party of Dragoons against two hundred infantry and one hundred mounted rebels.

After defeating the rebels he went on to contribute to the overthrow of the rebel army and was rewarded with the colonelcy of the 9th Foot in 1717.

In 1731 he was appointed Colonel of the 8th Dragoons and in the following year succeeded to the title Lord Cathcart.

In 1740 Lord Cathcart was selected to command an expedition to attack the Spanish possessions in South America. He died on the journey and was buried on the beach of Prince Rupert’s Bay, Conuni where a monument was erected to his memory.

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