This painting is one of three that are in fact copies of originals by the artist Lambert.

John Floyd was appointed cornet in the 15th Hussars in April 1760, serving in Germany and was present at the action of Emsdorf.

He was a particularly fine horseman and as such was appointed to instruct the Royal Dragoons.

He attained the rank of Captain in the 15th Light Dragoons, Major in the 21st Light Dragoons and was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 23rd Light Dragoons.

Serving in India he distinguished himself at Coromandel and Sathinungulum.

Sir John was wounded at the siege of Pondicherry, in 1793, he was appointed “Governor” of Pondicherry until the renewal of hostilities.

He continued to serve in India seeing action in Malavelly and Seringapatei.

After 18 years of service in India, he returned to Ireland becoming Colonel of The 8th Dragoons in 1804.

He attained the rank of General in 1812 and died in Ireland in 1818.

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