This figure depicts Thomas Brown at the battle of Dettingen returning to the regimental lines having regained the Regimental Guidon from the French.

Contemporary reports of Brown’s action state that he lost two fingers of his bridle hand by a sabre cut, received seven wounds in his head, face and body, three balls through his hat, whilst two lodged in his back.

All these wounds and ball holes are faithfully reproduced in this figure which was commissioned by the officers of the regiment in 1887.

The centrepiece includes four standing figures depicting soldiers of the regiment in the historical dress of:

  • The Queen Consort’s Regiment of Dragoons
  • 3rd Regiment of Dragoons
  • 3rd King’s Own Light Dragoons
  • 3rd King’s Own Hussars

Brown who is popularly believed to have been knighted on the field of Dettingen by George II, died in January 1746 and is buried at Yarm in the North Riding of Yorkshire where to this day a public house called the Valiant Dragoon stands.

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