” at EL EL AQQAQUIR on 2 Nov 1942 Lt Col Sir Peter Farquhar commanded his regiment under most trying circumstances with marked ability and displayed outstanding powers of leadership.

The regiment was advancing to an objective in the dark and began to lose tanks before daylight including the tanks of two of his Squadron Leaders.

At daylight, the regiment was engaged from three sides by anti-tank guns. With no Squadron Leaders to assist him Col Farquhar commanded and controlled the remaining tanks of his regiment, knocking out 2 88mm anti-tank guns and capturing over 100 prisoners later when reduced to only 9 tanks in the regiment he withdrew them in accordance with orders, reorganised and again led them into action to engage an enemy counter-attack, knocking out 6 enemy tanks.

Throughout this day Col Farquhar never lost control of his regiment and by his personal example and disregard for personal safety was an inspiration to his officers and men which contributed in a large degree to the successful result gained by his regiment”.

Brig JC Currie
9 Armd Bde

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