Citta Di Castello

25th Indian Brigade fought this Engagement in which the attack was led by 1 King’s Own Royal Regiment and 3/18 Royal Garwhal Rifles. Later, the 3rd Hussars, after a sharp fight, captured the ridge immediately south of the town.

The Honour was emblazoned by the 3rd Hussars.


The 3rd Hussars effectively fought a “private battle” at Citta Di Castello when they had to push the enemy of a feature that dominated the approaches to the Tiber Valley near the town.

At first light on the 21st, they quietly forded a river and came upon the Germans from an unexpected angle. They fought all day, taking out gun pits one at a time until they had completely cleared the objective.

It was the only time in the whole Italian campaign that a strongly held major town was assaulted and captured by tanks with no infantry support.

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