The Battle of Goojerat was a decisive battle in the Second Anglo-Sikh War, fought on 21 February 1849, between the forces of the East India Company, and a Sikh army in rebellion against the Company’s control of the Sikh Empire, represented by the child Maharaja Duleep Singh who was in British custody in Lahore. The Sikh army was defeated by the British regular and Bengal Army forces of the British East India Company. After it capitulated a few days later, the Punjab was annexed to the East India Company’s territories and Duleep Singh was deposed.

The Honour is borne on the Guidon of the 3rd Hussars.


The 3rd was at the Battle of Goojerat, but one of their own officers rightly accorded the lion’s share of the victory to the massive numerical superiority of artillery.

The battle began as an artillery slogging match that went on for about three hours before a sufficient number of the enemy guns had been knocked out to allow a general advance.

At this the Sikhs eventually threw down their arms and fled, being chased for twelve miles by the cavalry.

The 3rd suffered one trooper wounded.

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