Chronological Order of Events for 1942

  • January (14th?) – Sailed from Suez in Norwegian motor ship Hermion.
  • February (2nd?) – Colombo for three days. Charabanc trip to the island.
  • February 14th – Arrived in Oosthaveo, Sumatra, 0730 hrs. Ordered to Pelambang. Disembarked and unloaded. Japanese landed at Pelambang 0900 hrs.
  • February 15th – Patrols on the road north from Oosthaven. The plan changed to concentrate on defending Southern Sumatra. Then orders to re-embark.
  • February 16th – Re-embarked on Silver Larch and a towed lighter.
  • February 17th – Arrived in Merak, Java.
  • February 18th – Disembarked at Merak. Proceeded to Batavia by train. Tanks by sea to Jandjoeing Priok – the port of Batavia. Came under the command of the Dutch division under General Schilling.
  • February 19th – Unloading of the tanks completed. Experimenting with wireless, tank jungle driving, etc.
  • February 20th to 24th – The same with general reconnaissance, etc.
  • February 25th – Visit of Squadron Leader to H.Q., and interview with General Wavell.
  • February 26th – Came under command of Blackforce -an Australian force commanded by Bngadler Blackburn, V.C.
  • February 27th – Move to the Buitenzorg area. Leaguered in rubber plantation west of Buitenzorg.
  • March 2nd – The Japanese reported fifty miles west on the main Buitenzorg road.
  • March 3rd – Blackforce defending Lewilliang Bridge (destroyed). The Japanese attempt to outflank. 3rd Hussars picketed road north of the river at Semplak and patrolled roads.
  • March 4th – Lt Dallas’s troop in action on Australians’ left flank. At night Blackforce retires, leaving 3rd Hussars, plus one company, as rearguard.
  • March 5th – 3rd Hussars hold Japanese west of Buitenzorg and withdraw at 1320 hrs.
  • March 6th – Bandoeng reached after a night march.
  • March 7th – Leaguered in rubber plantation east of Bandoeng.
  • March 8th – Moved south to Leles area. Learned of Dutch capitulation. Spent the night at “The Grand Hotel,” Tisoeropan.
  • March 9th – Capitulation.
  • March 10th to 20th – Squadron scattered. Some try to escape from the island and walk. Some lie up in the jungle to see what happens. Some stay put. Gradually most join up again, and the majority go by train to Batavia and the native jail. The others end up in Bandoeng prisoner-of-war camp.

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