On the 20th May 1941 the Sqn was in its leaguer area approx four miles west of CANEA, CRETE.

At 0830 hrs the German parachutists arrived. At approx 1030 hrs Capt Crewdson went off with one other tank and knocked out an anti-tank rifle which had been causing a certain amount of trouble.

On Sunday, May 25th 1941 when the Germans broke through at GALLATOS, Capt Crewdson took his own tank and one other and blocked the exit from the village. He found three wounded men out of one of our other tanks, took them back to the aid post and then returned to the village.

On Monday 26th on receiving orders from 5th NZ Inf Bde to assist in a counter-attack he led his three tanks in and was instrumental in holding up the Germans in spite of intense aerial activity directed against his tank.

On Friday, May 30th 1941 just north of IMVROS on the road to SPHAKION Capt Crewdson was with three light tanks and three Bren gun carriers. Our orders were to hold the Germans off the main Infantry position for as long as possible. contact was gained at 0645 hrs and at 0730 hrs Capt Crewdens tank was hit by an anti-tank rifle bullet.

The petrol tank was pierced and Capt Crewdson was wounded in the foot. He came back in a Bren carrier and reported the situation and then returned to the other two tanks to supervise their withdrawal.

Having completed the withdrawal to the next position to the next position I ordered him into a truck as he had been bleeding a good deal and his wound was very painful. Throughout the remainder of the day he stayed in the truck until we got him down to the beach that night.

Throughout the whole operation this officer showed courage, initiative and resource and set a very fine example to the men under his command.

B Freyberg
Maj Gen
GOC Creforce

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