This officer has shown the most consistent form when in action. Throughout the period 1 Sep 44 to 31 Dec 44, whenever his squadron has been in action, his troop has been noticeable for the work done.

When the regiment worked on a Recce role Lt Rogers was outstanding for the amount and accuracy of info that he obtained. when working as normal armour or with infantry then again by his drive and initiative he invariably did more than was asked or expected of him.

On 14 Sep 44 a small set piece attack by 2/6 Gurkhas looked like failing because a squadron of tanks ordered to support them failed to arrive. Lt Rogers discovered the trouble, made a careful liaison with 2/6 Gurkhas, and with permission of his squadron leader arranged to support the attack, taking control of two other troops of tanks.

The attack was a complete success, but before returning to his squadron Lt Rogers proceeded on foot across very exposed ground to where the Gurkhas were consolidating to make sure he could be of no further use to them.

On 26 Sep 44 when ordered to advance on cross roads immediately NW of SAN ARCHANGRLO, Lt Rodgers reached the position despite heavy opposition and maintained his position of observation under heavy shelling and mortaring and long range A/Tk guns.

He continued to send back valuable information all day until wounded, when he had to be ordered to return by his squadron leader. He was wounded again on 24 Oct 44.

Lt-Col AM Barne
4th Hussars

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