On 7 Sep 42, near EL ALAMEIN, this officer was in command of the leading troop of ‘B’ Squadron with light tanks operating against the enemy’s southern flank and rear.

Although he was aware the difficult wadi from the QATTARA depression up which he had come was being rapidly closed by enemy guns and although he was under heavy fire from his front and flanks, he pressed on northwards with all speed.

When within 600 yds of the southern end of the narrow pass between TAQA and NO MANS PLATEAU he came under heavy fire from an A/Tk gun, and was ordered to withdraw.

With complete disregard of personal danger he remained within 200 yds of the A/Tk gun and drew its fire while he ordered the remaining tanks to maneuver out. when finally he started to withdraw and to cover out the remainder of his troop, his tank was hit – the tracks and its speed reduced, but in spite of this he continued to cover the withdrawal under heavy fire and directed his troop over difficult and unknown ground into the QATTARA depression.

His courage, resources and determination throughout this operation was an inspiration to his troop and was largely responsible for the successful evacuation of the force.

RP Kidd
Lt Col
Comd 4th Hussars

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