On 6th March 1942 at PEGU Lt Parry was ordered to take his troop from PEGU TO HLEGU and take with him the Brigade Major of the 48th Infantry Brigade.

About three miles south of PEGU Lt Parry, who was leading the troop himself, came on an enemy roadblock which he at once charged and got his tank through. Whilst passing through, a molotov cocktail was thrown at the tank which caught fire both outside and inside the turret.

Whilst his tank was still burning Lt Parry drove straight at the enemy covering the block, and firing his guns, enabled the other two tanks to get through. The Brigade Major in the second tank was wounded in the head. Whilst his crew were engaging the enemy Lt Parry personally extinguished the fire on his tank.

At SHWEDAUNG on 30th March 1942 when the striking force of 17th Ind Div were endeavoring to fight back to PROME through the enemy position and roadblock in the village Lt Parry was commanding the leading troop during the night 29/30th March and early morning of 30th March.

During the operation Lt Parry cleared six blocks and four of these were covered by mortar, M.G. and A/Tk fire. In one case Lt Parry had to back his tank and ram the block for 10 minutes before he was able to force a passage and during this time he was continuously under fire.

It was only through the action of this officer that the fore was able to get through.

I cannot speak too highly of the conduct of Lt Parry throughout operations. He has shown courage, coolness under fire and a devotion to duty quite regardless of his personal safety which have been an example to all ranks.

FRC Fosdick
Lt Col
7th Hussars

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