During the German Panzer attack round our Southern Flank on May, 27th, Capt Huth’s tank along with all others except one in ‘A’ Squadron was knocked out.

Capt Huth lay in some bushes while the German forces moved on. He watched and noted their methods of recovery and later when unobserved collected our wounded. He also set fire to four of our tanks which might have been recovered by the Germans.

He then walked 16 miles and got hold of an Indian truck and motored back to the battle field where he saw a German soldier on Guard over some of the wounded who the Germans had not got away. He rushed the German who put his hands up and told Capt Nelson who was lying wounded that he would rescue him.

Capt Nelson told him that he could not as there was a German tank on Guard amongst our wrecked tanks. This opened fire and Capt Huth shouted “Alright anyone who can move come with me” and jumping into the vehicle made his escape under fire from the tank.

His action showed a complete disregard for his own safety and in addition to obtaining valuable information he saved the lives of several wounded men.

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